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    Academic year

    We welcome applications from students and trainees (men only) aged between 18 and 25 whose usual residence is at least 100 km away from Paris.

    Applicants must commit themselves to staying for at least a complete academic year, i.e from September 1 to June 30. For any exceptions to these rules please contact us directly.

    You can apply online or by post. Only complete applications will be considered, make sure you send us all the requested documents.

    After this first step, once all the necessary documents have been received, your application will be examined, you will be informed by e-mail of the procedure to follow, which includes sending a €250 down payment if you are accepted or shortlisted.

    Short stays

    We welcome applications from men and women without any age restriction during the summer (essentially July and August), depending on availability. Minors must be accompanied.

    The minimum length of a stay is seven nights.

    During the rest of the year, there may be vacancies for trainees. Do not hesitate to contact us directly or by filling out the application form.

    We will get back to you by e-mail to inform you about vacancies. If we can put you up, you will be asked to send a down payment :

    • €50 for a stay of less than a month (minimum 1 week)
    • €150 for a stay of a month or more

    In order to apply, please follow this link : Séjours Courts.