The Paris UCJG de Paris receives no public funding.

Campaign to save the gym :

125 years of intense practice leave marks and today, the future of the court is threatened. In order for this heritage treasure to survive leave and continue to welcome thousands, we need to start the restoration of the building. For the basketball court, the floor is the priority – the first estimation for the renovation is 80,000 €, but more globally, the entire gymnasium needs refurbishment… We urgently need your help for this ambitious project.

You can help us here : gofundme

As an officially acknowledged non-profit organization, it is allowed to receive donations and legacies.

In return for your donation, you will receive a fiscal certificate, as you will be eligible for a tax cut: 66% of the sums donated can be deducted from your tax, up to 20% of your assessed income.Thus, a donation of €100 will actually cost you only €34 after the tax deduction.

When donations exceed 20% of your disposable income, the surplus is transferred to the five following years and tax reductions are granted under the same conditions.

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