The Rue de Trévise centre offers various types of facilities for rent, for a complete year or shorter periods. Some examples are given below. Please note that the rates for short-term use are given as an indication only.


[toggle title= »Basement »]
[image]Gymnase3[/image]Gymnasium :

  • About 220 m² with wooden floor and slanted racing track.
  • Typical uses : sporting activities, film shooting, photo sessions.

Former swimming pool, bowling alley and showers

    • Cannot be rented


[toggle title= »First floor »]
[image]Salon-Andre-cote-fenetres[/image]Large L-shaped landing with sofas

Salon André :

  • Meeting-room, about 100 m² with wooden floors
  • Typical uses : classroom, seminars, meetings.


[toggle title= »Second floor »]
[image]Salle3[/image]Rooms 2 and 3 :

  • 2 rooms of about 60 m² and 70 m² with wooden floor or linoleum and connecting door.
  • Typical uses : classes, meetings


[toggle title= »Third floor – Large room »]
[image]Grande-salle-1[/image]Large landing with armchairs and coffee tables

Large room :

  • About 140 m² with tiled floor
  • Typical uses : meeting room, yoga classes, seminars


[toggle title= »Third floor – other rooms »]
[image]Salle4[/image]Salon Adrion :

  • Panelled room with wooden floor, about 30 m²
  • Typical use : classroom

Salle 4 :

  • About 50 m² with linoleum
  • Typical uses : classroom, meetings, seminars

[toggle title= »Rates »]Usual rates for each room (excluding gymnasium) :

  • Please contact us

At these rates plus a mandatory annual fee.

Special rates for shootings, movies : please contact us.

Please use the contact application form to check availability. We will get back to you by e-mail.